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Dear Members,

We understand the importance of transparency and communication regarding the recent changes in our water supply. As the General Manager of Consolidated WSC, I want to address the concerns that have been circulating, particularly on social media platforms like Facebook.

First and foremost, we want to assure you that the safety and quality of your water remain our top priorities. Our recent decision to transition to groundwater from a surface water source was made with careful consideration of both quality and cost-effectiveness. The groundwater we are now utilizing is of high quality and represents a safe and sustainable local source for our community. However, we recognize that with this change, some temporary adjustments may be necessary. The mixing of source waters, shifts in water flow direction, and the natural dissolution of minerals that have accumulated in our distribution system over the past 57 years have resulted in noticeable differences for some of our customers. It is important to note that mineral deposits, while they may cause temporary discoloration or odor, are a normal occurrence and do not pose a health risk.

Since the introduction of the groundwater source on April 10, 2024, we have been diligently monitoring and addressing any issues that arise. We observed an initial peak in customer odor complaints on April 15th, followed by a subsequent decline after adjustments were made. However, we acknowledge that some challenges persist for a minority of customers.

To address these concerns, our team is conducting regular flushing and monitoring operations, with a particular focus on areas where complaints have been reported to us. The majority of customers have seen improved water quality since the transition. However, we understand that each customer's experience may vary, and we are committed to resolving any issues promptly.

If you are still experiencing odor and discoloration, these issues should continue to improve in the coming weeks. However, if you notice a "slippery" feeling of the water, this sensation will likely remain. This is characteristic of soft water, which naturally lacks minerals such as calcium and magnesium that contribute to a sticky feeling, react with soap, and form coatings on fixtures and pipes.

I want to reassure you that we are dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and high-quality water to our community. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this transition period. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us directly at 936-544-2986. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulates drinking water quality in Texas and may be contacted online or by phone if you are still concerned about your drinking water safety. That information is available at


Amber Stelly
General Manager, The Consolidated Water Supply Corporation